Alternative Distpute Resolution

At Horst Legal Counsel, we believe in the power of mediation to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively. Jason Horst has been a certified mediator for more than 20 years, bringing a wealth of alternative dispute resolution experience to the table, both as a mediator and as a litigator. He has participated in countless mediations involving a wide range of business, real estate, and personal disputes. His expertise and commitment to fair resolution make him a trusted choice for parties seeking to settle their disputes outside of court.

Traditional Mediation Services: Our traditional mediation services cater to parties who are represented by counsel. In this setting, Jason Horst serves as a neutral third party, facilitating dialogue and negotiation between the parties to help them reach a mutually agreeable resolution. His extensive experience in litigation provides him with a deep understanding of the legal issues at stake, enabling him to guide the parties towards a resolution that is fair and equitable.

Mediation Without Lawyers: Horst Legal Counsel is proud to offer Mediation Without Lawyers, a revolutionary Alternative Dispute Resolution. This service allows parties to avoid the significant expense of hiring separate counsel to unwind their conflicts. Instead, parties confidentially submit the key facts and evidence related to their disputes to a single mediator. The Mediator then evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the parties' respective cases and helps the principals resolve their conflicts directly.

Mediation Without Lawyers is an offering that can allow parties to resolve not only smaller matters, but also those involving large dollar amounts and a high volume of documents. By employing the most sophisticated legal tech and generative AI into our practice Horst Legal Counsel can efficiently identify the factual and legal fault lines in a case, potentially saving parties six or even seven figures, relative to the cost of navigating formal discovery. This innovative approach to dispute resolution is designed to save time, reduce costs, maintain confidentiality, and avoid active litigation.

We invite you to explore our mediation services and discover how Horst Legal Counsel can assist you in resolving your disputes. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.